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Kate and Emily, Amity Relationship Founders Smiling.

We're Kate and Emily and we're starting the...

Relationship Revolution


We’re Amity, and helping you build strong, healthy relationships is what we do.

Relationships with our kids, partners, co-parents and families don’t have to be perfect. We don’t have to spend our Friday evenings gathered round a piano singing Sound Of Music songs!  But it is important that we do ourselves and each other a favour and learn how to repair when things go wrong, so we don’t leave any emotional scars.  We all deserve to have strong, healthy relationships.   We also have a responsibility to make sure we look after our side of the relationships we have with others. 

That’s where we come in. We know what makes relationships great, we understand the little details of why they break down or struggle and through years of experience and family expertise, we know exactly how to make them work better. We’re here to help you learn the skills to make relationships work, reduce any sort of difficulties holding them back and find new ways to make things feel ok for everyone. 

Lets face it  - life is complicated enough without the added stress of strained relationships too! 

Here at Amity, we offer relationship training, support and incredible resources for professionals working with children, adults and families. We empower people to do this through evidence-based training and digital resources for subjects including parental conflict, domestic abuse, everyday parenting challenges, parenting apart, child-to-parent abuse training, recognising the difference between domestic abuse and conflict, healthy relationships and hearing the child's voice. 

If you’re someone who works with people, we can train you up to spot when a relationship’s stuck, and give you all the skills and insight you need to help unstick it and move things on to a more positive place.

If you’re someone who’s struggling with your relationships with your kids, your co-parent or your partner, we can help you, too. Take a look at our Sanity Sisters page for our sensible responses to your everyday family, couple and parenting challenges. 


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So, why do we do it? 

Rubbish relationships don’t have to be part of life. Sure, everyone falls out with someone once in a while, and people don’t see eye to eye all the time. Life’s messy. People are complicated. It’s just how it is and we get it. But it’s how you deal with it that matters. It’s how you work on the relationships in your life to make them the best they can be. It’s about your willingness to have a good old look in the mirror and ask yourself - how much of this is a me problem?  

Here at Amity, we believe that armed with the right information, the right skills and a little bit of kindness to ourselves, we can figure out how to navigate even the toughest of relationships so that we’re getting the best from them - even if the best we’re going to get from our teenager is a nod and a grunt. 

We want people to know that they don’t have to sit back and think ‘it is what it is’ about their relationships. We want a relationships revolution where people learn the skills and techniques they need to move past relationship issues, argue less, communicate well and get to a place where things feel, at the very least OK – both for ourselves and the kids.
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Sanity sisters...

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An intro to Emily and Kate

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With 25 years experience under her belt, Emily's certainly earned her stripes as a 'relationship expert'. During her 19 years within Local Authority Children's Services departments, she grew expertise in family dynamics and parenting, child exploitation, youth justice, domestic abuse and parental conflict. Emily understands the challenges, needs and hopes of people working with families in public services - she's been there herself. She's super passionate about making sure professionals have the chance to learn the skills to support people the best they can.

Emily Nickson Williams, Founder, Amity.
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Kate's made it her business (literally!) to understand how and why we struggle with the way we relate to one another, and how to change that. Trained by the Institute of Family Therapy and Relate, Kate specialises in couple relationships, be that together or apart. Kate's worked with families for 30 years and is passionate about learning what parents really need to gain confidence and knowledge (and then helping them with this). Not a big fan of theory or advice, Kate loves to share compassionate, useful and practical ideas that help people change.

Kate Nicolle, Founder, Amity.

Our Happy Clients

“Emily and Kate have been leading the way nationally and at a local level with work around reducing parental conflict in the interests of children. We feel they had really help us understand what the work is all about and how it relates to all of us.”

Stacey, Reducing Parental Conflict, Local Authority Lead

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