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Show a little respect

You asked us:

We have a culture clash.

Here’s what Amity has to say:

A mash up of cultures, traditions, beliefs, all that malarky, within a relationship/family unit can be as awkward as Prince Harry turning up to family Christmas lunch. We are often wedded to our way of doing things. What is normal for us, we expect to be accepted by others. It makes us feel safe and secure and it is familiar. So to be asked to adopt someone else’s norms can be a biggy.

What might make it worse:

Not making the effort to understand or value the other persons beliefs and traditions makes it worse, as in, much worse. Ranking your own cultural norms as more important than theirs is another big fat no no. Things will be tricky if you don’t stop to think about their perspective, feelings and needs. If you don’t try to blend you are in danger of creating sides rather than how the family you have created together are doing to do things.

What might make it better:

Being open to learn, understand and show respect for things that you may not care that much about yourself, but you know is important to your partner is the key. Show willingness to learn about things that are unfamiliar to you is an act of respect that will be greatly appreciated by your partner. It’s what we do when love someone, right. Simple things like reading up about a certain thing or following someone on Instagram that educates you that you can then show your learning and knowledge to them never fails to create a warmer bond between two people.

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