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Feel the love.

You asked us:

I don't want her to love my like that!

Here’s what Amity has to say:

Ask yourself this question….Do you love your partner in the way that you wish to be loved? Was that a happy little ‘yes’ I hear? Ok, we need to talk. So many of us make this mistake, we think, I will show you love by using what I know about what makes me feel loved. Job done? Usually not.

What might make it worse:

So often our intentions are spot on but you have read the room all wrong. You buy your partner thoughtful little gifts but they seem ungrateful for them, they don’t spark the flutter of joy and love you were expecting….you feel deflated and a bit rejected. What’s gone wrong is you are showing love in the wrong way, for them. Maybe they feel loved by you when you spend time with them, not buying them gifts?

What might make it better:

What makes this situation better is actually simple. Ask your partner, ‘What makes you feel loved by me?’ Think about that question in relation to yourself too, so you can share with them what makes you feel loved by them. Knowledge is power people! If you know this key info about your partner you have what you need to start getting things right….and they will love it!

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