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A bit of give and take?

You asked us:

How much should I compromise in my relationship, I'm just not sure where the line is?

Here’s what Amity has to say:

How spicy do you like your food, how scary do you like your horror movies? We're all different with different levels of tolerance. Compromise is a funny one because it’s pretty personal, there maybe some things you are laid back about compromising on and others that are non-negotiable!

What might make it worse:

Compromise can be a killer, not literally obviously, but if you struggle to find a 50/50 compromise on big things it will very quickly create a reason to feel resentful towards each other. We often think we are compromising but we are really just making small adjustments within our comfort zone. Not being willing to compromise shows a lack of respect and care for the other person.

What might make it better:

Pick your battles here people. Pushing for a compromise on everything is tiresome and unnecessary. But it is very important to show that you recognise that you can’t have everything your own way, you need to show that you see what is important to your partner and love and respect them enough to be flexible and understanding. Sometimes you need to be accommodating to achieve a feeling of ‘I bend on this and you bend on that.’ You are a team remember, not a communist state!

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